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EasyODK is one of the easiest and smartest Field Data Collection Mobile Apps. With the web interface to control the narrative on the Mobile App, it gives a lot of flexibility in the hands of its users.

Yes! When you create a new account, it comes with a Default App, a Default ODK Server as a Source with multiple sample forms. You may try that.

Yes! EasyODK app supports Android 4.2 and above. In case you face any difficulty, our team may be able to help you out. As of now it does NOT work with iOS.

You get an option to Brand your App with your own 1) App Name 2) Splash Screen and 3) App Icon. It does not require the Field Data Entry Operators or Enumerators to learn how to do the Technical stuff which ODK requires. This saves a lot of time of training the staff to update the configurations of the app.

No, it is not necessary. You may choose to buy ODK Aggregate Hosting service from us OR you may use your own ODK Aggregate where the data would be saved when uploaded from the EasyODK App.

Yes, it is an addition service which you may subscribe to. This would allow you to View the Realtime Data Dashboard as n when it will be uploaded to the ODK Aggregate server.

Yes! You may use any other Data Visualization tool. Subscription to our Data Dashboard would give you an option to get auto updating real-time data in the form of Excel/CSV file.

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Demo App available now on Playstore